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Eric Burdon - My Secret Life

Eric Burdon - My Secret Life


No dia 13 de abril, Eric Burdon, lendário vocalista do The Animals, lançou seu novo disco "My Secret Life" com três canções de Marcelo. A inédita "Black and White World" em parceria com Burdon e duas faixas do album
A Sessão Sem Fim: Coração Satânico que virou "Devil´s Slide" e A Garota da Motorcicleta "Motorcycle Girl".

Eric Burdon's life has been a musical journey matched by few other performers in rock music history. As the founding leader of “The Animals” he was the driving force of the grittiest British Invasion Band that knocked the Beatles off the No. 1 charts with “House of the Rising Sun”.

He then went on to help pioneer the San Francisco psychedelic rock scene with the landmark Monterey performance, fronting “WAR” - the biggest funk band of the 70s with its two immediate classics: “Tobacco Road” and “Spill the Wine”.

Besides the No. 1 landslide “House of the Rising Sun”, his top charting hits include “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”, “We Gotta Get Out of This Place”, “It’s My Life”, “I’m Crying”, “Inside Looking Out”, “The Story of Bo Diddley”, “Bring It On Home to Me”, and “See See Rider”, “Sky Pilot”, “When I Was Young” and “Monterey”.

His fans all around the world will be thrilled to know that Eric has released “My Secret Life”, his first studio album in two decades.

The title track, “My Secret Life”, was recorded because “Leonard Cohen’s always been one of my all-time favourite singer/songwriters”, Eric says. “There were so many of his songs I wanted to cover but I think this one takes the biscuit”.

The original tune “Black And White World” came from Eric’s longstanding love of the movies. “Growing up in Newcastle, most of those films were black and white. They’re ingrained in my mind forever and will always be an escape for me. That’s what the song is about.”

Another track is “Can’t Kill The Boogieman” which grew directly out of Eric and his band playing with John Lee Hooker at the late blues legend’s annual birthday bash at a club in California. Can’t Kill The Boogieman – his spirit lives on!”

One of the real striking tracks is the subtle and touching “Jazzman”. “My first love was jazz and when I was a teenager, Paris was the place to run into American jazzmen like Chet Baker, Billie Holliday, Dexter Gordon and I saw up close and personal the strange, seductive and destructive habits that seemed to be a permanent part of these artists’ lives. That is what the song is about – why such pain amongst so much beauty?”.

“Highway 62” is simple to explain: “This highway road I spent a lot of time on. It runs all the way from L.A. to New Orleans and is the road I take home to Joshua Tree as well.
“Over The Border” is written by Dave Munyon. This song is about illegal immigration and the un-winnable war on drugs.

Another of the CD’s surprising cover is the Talking Heads’ track “Heaven”. “I heard it in my head as a jazzy lounge piece… an audio version of a Hopper painting.”
The first track on the album and the single is “Once Upon A Time”, written by Robert Bradley, who recorded it first with his band Blackwater Surprise.

“That song stood out for me like an anthem of my early days in California… the great influence of Marvin Gaye, “The Animals’" historical Monterey performance, but more importantly the collective fight against the unjust war in Vietnam.

Marcelo Nova Por ... Eric Burdon - Versões em Inglês e Português

I went to Brazil in 1996 with the hope of adopting someone or something that would help me fulfill the dream... wondering how rock ' n ' roll or blues would be accepted in the land of Afro Latin souls.São Paulo has a big city to beat of its own. The traffic seems non-stop... through the congested streets. Then when night falls you get another world...comes alive ... in the restaurants and nightclubs... Out of the shadows came Marcelo Nova... a Rock and roll poet.We did what Brazilians do best, revel in food and wine and discussion of the opposite sex and we traded in stories of our first love: music, Rock ' n ' Roll music.Over lunch we'd decided to work together on some ideas musically for the future long distance between Brazil and California we'd use the fax machine to run ideas to each other. Then Marcelo suggested we meet a place we would choose... how about New York City?... (I'd invited him to L. A.) But, New York was a better choice.We met there in the winter of 1997, walked the streets, talked of music, bought some records... Marcelo comes alive and very animated in record stores like a kid in a candy store... We exchanged some writings... We were ready to make some recordings. We needed a studio. None could be found in New York - everything was booked out. However I made calls to friend, Phil Metzger. He found us the rehearsal hall in Long Island and some enthused local musicians. We cut rough tracks for four new songs... MOTORCYCLE GIRL, I’V SEEN THE FUTURE, MY SATANIC HEART AND WINTER WOMAN... So here was the beginning of my new CD in the work in the most unlikely of places, Long Island, New York, in the studio with a Brazilian collaborating on a dream.Our collective time together has been only a few hours, but the work we have done together, long distance over the phone and fax, will, I hope, keep many people entertained for many years into the future.But most of all I have to say I've found a new friend, a long lost brother from Brazil: Marcelo Nova, a Rock 'n' Roll disciple.I never had a brother, maybe that's what was missing in my early life. And what pushed me towards self-centeredness. Meeting a stranger in a strange land, Marcelo in Brazil altered all that. His talent in the studio where he kicked everyone's ass, using all the weapons at his disposal including bribery of the studio owner, to finish a recording session, plus his natural intelligent approach to writing... in English, not his native language. A caring father... respectable husband... a maniac... Marcelo Nova.

Eu fui para o Brasil em 1996 com a esperança de encontrar alguém ou algo que me ajudasse a realizar um sonho... Desejando saber como o rock 'n ' roll ou o blues seriam aceitos na terra de almas afro latinas.São Paulo é uma cidade grande com seu próprio ritmo. O tráfego parece ininterrupto pelas ruas congestionadas. Então, quando a noite cai, você entra em outro mundo que surge vivo... nos restaurantes e boates... Saindo das sombras veio Marcelo Nova... um poeta do Rock’n’Roll. Nós fizemos o que os brasileiros fazem de melhor, comemos, bebemos e discutimos o sexo oposto.E compartilhamos histórias do nosso primeiro amor: O Rock ' n ' Roll.Durante o jantar nós decidimos trabalhar juntos em algumas idéias para o futuro e como há uma longa distância entre o Brasil e a Califórnia nós usaríamos o fax para passar idéias um para o outro. Então, Marcelo sugeriu que deveríamos escolher um lugar para nos encontrar. Que tal Nova Iorque?... (Eu tinha sugerido Los Angeles) Mas Nova Iorque foi uma melhor escolha.Nós nos encontramos lá no inverno de 1997, caminhamos pelas ruas, conversamos sobre música, compramos alguns discos... Marcelo ficava excitado em lojas de discos como uma criança em uma doceria.... Trocamos alguns escritos ... e estávamos prontos para fazer algumas gravações. Nós precisávamos de um estúdio. Nenhum foi encontrado em Nova Iorque todos estavam reservados. Contudo, eu fiz algumas ligações a um amigo, Phil Metzger que conseguiu um estúdio de ensaios em Long Island com músicos locais bastante entusiasmados. Nós gravamos quatro canções ... "Garota da motorcicleta", "Eu Vi o Futuro", "Coração Satânico" e "Mulher do Inverno"... Assim o meu novo CD começava a ser trabalhado no mais improvável dos lugares, Long Island, Nova Iorque, em um estúdio com um brasileiro colaborando com o meu sonho. Nosso tempo juntos no estúdio foi de apenas algumas horas, mas o trabalho que fizemos, irá manter, assim espero, as pessoas ligadas por muitos anos no futuro. Mas acima de tudo eu devo dizer que encontrei um novo amigo, um irmão perdido a muito tempo no Brasil: Marcelo Nova.Eu nunca tive um irmão, talvez isso tenha sido o que faltou no início da minha vida e que me tornou uma pessoa auto centrada. Conhecer Marcelo no Brasil, um estranho em uma terra estranha, alterou tudo isso. O seu talento no estúdio, onde ele dava bronca em todo mundo usando as armas que tinha ao seu dispor, inclusive subornando o dono do estúdio para terminar a sessão de gravação. Isso somado a sua inteligência e a sua naturalidade para compor em inglês..., que não é a sua língua nativa. Um pai atencioso... marido respeitável... um maníaco... Marcelo Nova.

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