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RAUL SEIXAS - OPUS 666 - (Raulseixismo ) 2008 -"Protesto Contra o Protestantismo Corporativista Americano"

RAUL SEIXAS - OPUS 666 - (Raulseixismo ) 2008

O Pai do Rock Brasileiro, criou o seu gênero de rock and roll : Raulseixismo!!!!

RAUL SEIXAS - Opus 666 - Raulseixismo 2008
"Protesto Contra o Protestantismo Corporativista Americano" que nos anos 70 já procurava imprignar o Mundo !!!
25 Canções de Raul Seixas!

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Raul Seixas :Opus 666.(Raulseixismo).

01 Raul Seixas – Abertura.

02 Raul Seixas - Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Asa Branca ( Raulseixismo ).

03 Raul Seixas - Fool's Gold ( Ouro De Tolo ).

04 Raul Seixas - Morning Train ( O Trem Das Sete ).

05 Raul Seixas - Orange Juice ( S.O.S. ).

06 Raul Seixas - Love Is Magick.

07 Raul Seixas - I'am ( Gita ).

08 Raul Seixas - White Wings ( Asa Branca ).

09 Raul Seixas - How Could I Know.

10 Raul Seixas - I Don't Really Need You Anymore.

11 Raul Seixas – Sunseed.

12 Raul Seixas – Angel.

13 Raul Seixas - Ouro De Tolo ( Espanhol ).

14 Raul Seixas - Be Bop a Lula.

15 Raul Seixas - Let Me Sing, Let Me Sing (Raulseixismo).

16 Raul Seixas - Teddy Boy, Rock e Brilhantina.

17 Raul Seixas - Caroço De Manga (Raulseixismo).

18 Raul Seixas - Um Som Para Laio.

19 Raul Seixas - Eh Meu Pai (Raulseixismo).

20 Raul Seixas - Rock Do Diabo ( Live ).

21 Raul Seixas - Loteria Da Babilônia ( Live ).

22 Raul Seixas - Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Asa Branca ( Live) (Raulseixismo).

23 Raul Seixas - Be Bop a Lula ( Live ).

24 Raul Seixas - Rock Das Aranha ( Live ).

25 Raul Seixas - Sociedade Alternativa ( Live ).

Video: Gravado nos E.U.A : Morning Train ( O Trem Das Sete ).

Aproveitando o sucesso do LP "Gita" em 1975, Raul gravou nos estúdios da

Polygram músicas em inglês de um disco que seria chamado "Opus 666" para ser lançado no mercado americano.

Com a rescisão de seu contrato com esta gravadora o projeto musical continua inédito até hoje.

A seguir letras de algumas músicas do "Opus 666":


de: Raul Seixas/ Paulo Coelho - english version: Raul Seixas
do LP Uah-Bap-Lu-Bap-Lah-Béin-Bum!! 1987 - Copacabana
Warner Chappel Music

Since the beginning of time
Man has searched for the great answer
It was given
Today I give it once more

Sometimes you ask me a question

You ask why I talk so little
I hardly ever speak of love
Don't side you and smiling so brittle

You think of me all the time
You eat me, spew me and leave me

Come forth, see through your ears

'Cause today I'll challenge your sight

I am the star of the starlights
I am the child of the moon
Yes, I am your hatred of love
I am too late and too soon

Yes, I am the fear of failure
I am the power of will
I am the bluff of the gambler
I am, I move, I'm still

I am your sacrifice
The placard that spells forbidden
Blood in the eyes of the vampire
I am the curse unbidden

Yes , I am the black and the indian
I am the WASP and the jew I am the Bible and the I-Ching
The red, the white and the blue

Why do you ask me a question
Asking is not going to show
That I am all things in existence

I am, I was, I go

You have me with you forever
Not knowing if it's bad or good
But know that I am in yourself
Why don't you just meet me in the woods

For I am the eaves of the roof
I am the fish and the fisher
"A" is the first of my name
Yes, I am the hope of the wisher

Yes, I am the housewive and the whore
Hunting the markets asleep
I am the devil at your door
I'm shallow, wide and deep

Yes, I am the law of Thelema
I am the fang of the shark
I am the eyes of the blindman
I am the light and the dark

Oh, yes, I am bitter in your tongue
Mother, father and the riddle
I am the son yet to come
Yes, I'm the beginning, the end and the middle
Yes, I'm the beginning, the end and the middle
Oh yes, I'm the beginning, I'm the end and the midle!!!

The End


de: RAUL SEIXAS/ english version: Raul Seixas
do LP Krig- Ha, Bandolo! 1973/ Philips/Warner Chappell Music

I should now be feeling happy
Since I have a fine new job
An' wife an' family
I'm the model man who's made it,
Every month a thousand bucks!

I should thank the lord I have it,
And my success as an artist,
Should be proud I've got a chevy
I'm the kind of guy that lucks!

So, I should now be glad as glad
With my brand new home in the best quarter
After starving for two years

In this whore of whores of towns!

Should be proud of being socially
Respected and even feared,
But I think this kind of success
Is for circuses and for clowns

Yes, I should be vain and proud
To have won my place in life,
But I must vow I'm dazed
and just don't know where I am at

Because it was so ' easy pickings'
So I ask myself, and now?
I have so many worlds to conquer
And I know I cannot be even satisfied with that!

I should be happy God has granted me
The sundays that I wanted
With my family to play the father
To play the husband and display!

But a monumental bore
You will find I am and more
Don't you feel I'm happy and easy
At the end of every day

Stand against a looking glass
And see yourself... what an ass
God and devil took to mass
On ten percent use of your brain!

You are a doctor of philosophy,
Priest or copper, what a topper,

Don't you wish you could grow young
And start it all again!

You don't find me glady sitting
On a throne made of my savings
In my heavily-mortgaged home
Waiting for my coming death!

Yeah, for wonders gravitating
I'm awaiting, yes, I'm awaiting
At my neighbor's fence
Hoping and lookin' across the heath

The End

SUBWAY LINE 743 ( Metrô Linha 743)

de: Raul Seixas/ english version: Marcos Pontes
do LP:Metro Linha 743/ Som Livre/ 1984/ Sigem Editores

He was walking in the street in a hurry
Because he knew he was being watched
I came up to him and said: hey, my friend, can you spare me a cigarette?
He said: Yeah, but go smoke it across the street
Two men smoking together could be very risky
He also said: The most expensive dish at the finest banquet
Is the head of people that think
And they who eat it find out who thinks because those that think
Think better still
Sorry about my haste pretending I'm late

I work in a notary but I'm a writer
I lost my pen don't even know when
Subway line 743!!

The man in a hurry left me and flew away
As I leaned on a post and smoked myself away
Three men with pistols in their hand arrived
Shouting , hands up you punk if you don't want some lead for lunch
I said: sure, what have I done? If it's money you want ...
One of them said, it doens't matter
I don't care just stay there
What I want to know is what you're thinking
I'll make my price based upon the thoughts you've been keeping
That's when I'll tell you how much your head is worth
My head loose on the ground
I saw my body without it for the first and the last time

Subway Line 743!!

They threw my empty head in the kitchen 's trash
And now I was a living brain" a vinagraitte "
Now my brain quickly thought, let it be,
But I have never was a groupie
I was served at the table with two more
And we were three rare dishes
The maitre himself set the table
I felt horror being eaten with pleasure by this dandy
My last bit before being swallowed in confusion thought:
Who's the bastard that 's responsible for all this
All is set up, the game of the cannibal hunters
But the all business is showing up too much, my God
Be carefull , brother, be carefull wise man
I seriously advise you: I'm dead and didn't even know when
Subway line 743

BUT, I LOVE YOU ( Mas, I love you)

de: Raul Seixas/ Ricky Ferreira
english version: Marcos Pontes/ Kika Seixas
do LP Metrô Linha 743/ Som Livre/ 1984/ Sigem Editores

What do you want ?
That I quit everything? You just ask me,
Clerk or soldier, waiter or chauffer
I'll give it all up

From being a singer
You just name it
So my only love can always live

I'll stop what I am
And be a super of a building somewhere
Sitting in front of the gate, the gate of dreams
The dreams you've dreamt

Tell me what you want
And if it's nothing that you want
Happy I'll be your nothing
But your nothing of love

I can wash and press
I can wait and clean
I can learn to teach
Can even drive and buy you a taxi

To drive you around

I'll be a cuckoo, I'll be a quail
And live life daily
with you my only love.

The end


de Raul Seixas/ Kika Seixas
english version: Marcos Pontes
do LP Metro Linha 743/ Som Livre/1984/ Sigem Editores

I've already broke the barrier of sound
Done what I could with my feet off the ground
But the seed I planted is sprouted it has

I'm going away betting on you
My legacy my lucidity to you
You gonna have a world much better than mine

When a profet comes and tell
That our world is turning to hell
When it seems there's nowhere to go
There's still is the speed of light as a goal

Beyond those old moral taboos
Beyond dungeons, witches and fools
Where the past has transcended
There's a kingdom of peace

You'll be the opposite of stupidity
Adventuring and trying once again
The generation of light is that hope
that remains

The end


( As Aventuras de Ra ul Seixas na Cidade de Thor)
de: RAUL SEIXAS/ english version : Raul Seixas
do LP Gita/ 1974/ Philips/ Warner Chappell Brasil

Gonna tell ya friends an' neighbors,
All landlords have gone crazy
Them who put it in confusion
Can't get outta their own maze

Fuckin' system's awfull hungry
An' they're keeping an eye on ye
Try to make a revolution they'll be the leaders for a fee

Their fuckin' trap is ready and set
Keep away? That ain't so wise
'Cause if you wanna spring the contraption
First you gotta learn how works the vise

They just doggone messed the planet
The planet's like a dog with no pedigrees
But the dumbest hound too loaded
Knows the right time to shake off fleas

It's even getting hard to tell
To tell the woods from the trees

Some of'em goddamn long-haired freaks
Put away more money in few seconds
Then you can put after working weeks

Our civilization's getting so tanglefooted
It's getting to look like one of'em computahs they use
Them things look good , but let a baby poke its finger
He'll find the weak spot and blow the fuse

Some people spend their whole life long
Fighting branches untill they age and go mild
Why don't they trace the branches to the tree trunk
The trunk's the joker, and the joker's wild

You can bet I ain't got nothing to do
With all them hippie singers who write a protest song
I don't give a shit to ideals and intentions
You may meet me or meet my shadow
I just want things where they belong

Both of them are part of me

Both are running in that there rat-race
I've read the gospels of all religions
Tell me who'll win?? 'Cause I pay to see
to Philosophies and Politics I've done tribute
But in my early teens I already had my doubts
Of truth accepted as an absolute

MORNING TRAIN ( O Trem das Sete)

de: Raul Seixas
english version: Raul Seixas
do LP Gita/ Philips/ 1974/ Warner Chappell Brasil

There comes the train
From beyond the blue hills comes the train
Huff and puff over rails

Here comes the train
Burning coal of the ages and also the words
Of their sages

Look! It's the train
It comes huffing and puffing and coughing
And calling, hey man!

See, it's the train
You just leave back your luggage
You need but your courage, Amen

Who's gonna cry?
Who's gonna stay?
Who's gonna laugh

Going my way?

For the magick train's a-comin'
Look, it's drawin' into the station
All the livin' children are within
The chosen ones in this Nation

Look, look the sky
It is not the one sky that you knew
Can't you fathom the way?

Look, see the sky
See the clouds that are blowing
A- glowing, cant' you hear the sign

Listen! Here's the sign
As it grows into trumpets

Beasts and strumpets! Come, try

God in the sky
Steering clouds off the atoms
Of dangers and atom, oh my

Look at the evil
Kissing good and both bowing
And sewing their way for the train
Train , Amen.....


(Planos de Papel ) de Raul Seixas/ english version: Raul Seixas
do LP: Mata Virgem / WEA Discos/ 1978

Editora Warner Chappell

You hide in the tomb between your thighs
You vulture womb with hooded eyes
Waiting to glut upon my flesh,
You brooding storm, you crimson lash
Engulphing vise!!
You leaden weight, you musky scent, you silken touch
Dooming sea-rise

I who was my king of fire and thunder
Feel that my crown is dwindling under
A thousand hands I cannot see
Plucking from me my love of me,
Oh, burning pain. Watching my ego sinking slowly into that pit
What will remain?

Oh, If love is death, what else can I do
Remains but hate, and I`ll bury it in you

Now I plunge my spear in scarlet fetter
My iron rod be your begetter
Since I'll be born again from you
No longer me but me and you
Be you the same!

For love and hate are but one fate for love and mate
Part of the game!!

The end


DE: Raul Seixas/ english version: Raul Seixas
do LP Gita/ Philips/ 1974/ EMI Publishing

Sunday is sunday, church and rest, the sky is blue
The paper's bloody news, flags a- waving on the streets
And far behind the proud and sad avenue
All seems fine with the world
Ants ride their fancy cars and feel complete

And from the windows of a seedy boarding house
I, being one of God's vectors try hard to make a king out of a louse
Hey, buddy spaceman astride your UFO
Just take me up on your ride
Wherever you go I'll go
Hey buddy spaceman you just can't leave me here
When I know there's a star

So far and yet so near

Yes, I have worshipped Allah, Budha and Jesus Christ
Saw heaven in the skies
While God was seeing the world right through my eyes
Before, as monkey I chittered through the last Ice Age
Atlantis was my cage,
I had so many chances that I blew

And all the messages that keep comin'n an' getting through
No one can see their clue
'Cause there's no time
to think here at the Zoo!!

The end

Ae amigo Raulzito aqui seu projeto ganha asas e vôa mundo afora...Viva a Sociedade Alternativa!!!! Abraço Beleza.

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