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Bota Pra Fudê, as férias acabaram, é hora de Let’s Rock.
No primeiro programa de 2008 tem Revival com John Fogerty, lançamentos de Bruce Springsteen e Mountain além de uma volta ao Glam Rock do Sweet e Slade.

"..vc sabe que Jonh Forget..aquele menino do Credence Creat Revival...não por acaso..lança este cd SOLO chamado de Revival..."(Bota Pra F)

Review by John Carr
John Fogerty’s Revival is the best Classic Rock album since Paul McCartney’s Band on the Run–hey, it only took 30 years, coming at a period where I’ve all but given up on music and most of my favorite acts. Fortunately, I’ve got over 3,000 CDs from the 1950s to 1990s to comfort myself with, but I’ve always loved getting a NEW disc with great music. And, Revival is one of the few discs (like Sticky Fingers, Green River, The Doors, Sgt. Pepper’s) where I can listen to every song!

I’ve been a fan of the Fogerty sound since I picked up Creedence Clearwater Revival in 1968, where I fell in love with Susie Q and I Put A Spell On You — John’s first swamp rockers. John’s always had one of the top five voices in Rock music right up there with John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Roger Daltry, Paul Rodgers and Paul McCartney. But it never hit me just how good it was until the wife and I heard him on one of the R&R Hall of Fame specials singing Be-Bop A Lula where he just blew Springsteen and others right out of their shoes! (John, manybe on your next release you can do a new version of it?) I loved the Premonition DVD, and it proved conclusively that John’s voice is and was the Voice of Rock & Roll.

Yes, I loved the Centerfield and Blue Moon Swamp albums, but this new release is head-and-shoulders above those two wonderful albums. Revival ranks right up there with his best Credeence material, “Green River,” Bayou Country” and “Cosmo’s Factory.” Frankly, I’m amazed at how rejuvenated Fogerty sounds; his voice still sounds like a man 30 years younger, and he plays guitar both tastefully and with restraint — Rock music just doesn’t get much better than this! And John can shred too, just listen to Summer of Love!
I’ve had Revival in the car CD player now for almost a week. I had to buy another copy for my office Bose deck; fortunately, I’d heard about the Wal-Mart CD with bonus DVD and picked up their last copy. The interview showcases a relaxed and confident John Fogerty; he’s finally been able to bury the hatchet with Fantasy, get his song royalties back and he’s clearly on top of the world — and at the peak of his creativity and happiness! Good for you John, it’s totally deserved. I only wish America, like Japan, had the designation of “Living Treasure,” because John Fogerty richly deserves it.

By the way, the DVD includes two live tracks from John’s June 23, 2007 Glastonbury Festival concert; they’re dynamite and worth the price of the entire package. He’s reinvented two of my favorite songs, Ramble Tamble and Keep On Chooglin’, and they’re never sounded better — nor have I ever heard Fogerty play this well! Damn life can be good.
Revival opens with Don’t You Wish It Was True a hopeful song about what might be; it’s a ballad with a light sprinkling of the Fogerty magic. It could have appeared on any Creedence album as a stand-out track. Next is Gunslinger, my wife’s favorite cut; another ballad but with a growly undercurrent. The Creedence Song is tribute to his former band and to the wonderful songbook John created. After 35 years, John was finally able to bury the hatchet with Fantasy (who had screwed him royally, like some old Blues’ label) and reconcile himself with his past glories! The song itself has that vintage Creedence sound that no one else in the world has ever been able to duplicate; it doesn’t get much better than this. My favorite of the ballads is Broken Down Cowboy, a personal song that reflects John’s own hard past and how he views his older self; he’s too happy these days to wear that moniker — thankfully! But the man can breathe life into a song to life with a turn of a phrase and the bend of a guitar string. The Rivers is Waiting is a wonderful ballad in the gospel tradition; I felt shivers running up and down my spine the first time I heard this song. Heartfelt, may be cliched, but it surely describes this song. Next we get to my favorite cut, Long Dark Night, which is as swampy and strong as anything John Fogerty has ever written; its universal theme, despite darkly topical political references, it’s timeless. Summer of Love, with its references to Jimi and Cream, is the kind of song I expected to hear back in 1969 from Creedence; instead, Fogerty invented a whole new niche in Rock music. Still, it’s great to hear John tear it up and prove that he’s not only one of the most original guitarists of the 20th/21st Century, but one of the best, too!
Natural Thing is a mid-tempo song in the Creedence vein; something that only John could make work these days. It Ain’t Right is a wonderful tribute to Sun Studios and validates Carl Perkin’s observation that if John had suddenly appeared at 706 Union Avenue, he would have rocked the house, as a triple-threat songwriter, singer and guitarist! John’s licks are straight out of the Scotty Moore playbook and amazing; it’s lucky for those Hillybilly Cats that Fogerty didn’t come along until some 10 years later! I Can’t Take It No More is a pure Fogerty kick-out-the-jams, the likes of wich we haven’t heard since Travelin’ Band. It reminded me of The Last Man Standing DVD with Jerry Lee Lewis; John was the ONLY guest, out of a group which included Tom Jones, Chris Isaak, Ron Wood, and Willie Nelson, who sang a complete song by himself, a dynamite version of Good Golly Miss Molly! Highly recommended! Surely, a signal honor from one of Rock & Roll’s founding giants.
The CD finishes with the swampy Somebody Help Me — a cry John certainly no longer needs to make. It’s a strong Fogery track with a snakey guitar line. I love the guitar tones he’s pulling off on Revival; this cat just keeps getting better, like a fine wine. The official album ends with the up-tempo rocker, Longshot; classic John Fogerty. The Best Buy release contains the live Ride-It-Like-Hell version of Sweet Hitch-Hiker from the Glastonbury Festival — buy it, if you can find it! It opens appropriately, with a Bo Diddley slide and from then is purely heavenly mayhem! I really hope that John releases a DVD/CD from Glastonbury; he’s playing at the top of his game, which in today’s sorry music scene is the fracking Penthouse!
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1. Don’t You Wish It Was True2. Gunslinger3. Creedence Song4. Broken Down Cowboy5. River Is Waiting6. Long Dark Night7. Summer Of Love8. Natural Thing9. It Ain’t Right10. I Can’t Take It No More11. Somebody Help Me12. Longshot

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